June 2, 2016

Garage Cabinets

Beauty is only skin deep, but the skin on these cabinets is as tough as it is beautiful.  The powder-coated finish seals all the exterior surfaces, with no seams or cracks, and creates a hard, durable surface that will withstand cold, heat, humidity, oil, grease, household chemicals, dirt and grime, all found in the garage.

All drawers are constructed from 9-ply Baltic birch plywood and feature time-tested dovetail construction for strength and longevity.  Full extension drawer slides with precision ball-bearings provide a maintenance-free life and are rated at a capacity of 100 pounds.

Other companies may offer a few cabinet choices with a limited range of dimensions.  We provide more than 400 varieties of storage options for each customer.  With a choice of colors, styles, and sizes we can create a solution to fit virtually any space and need.

The cabinets hang on the wall to eliminate two of the biggest problems with freestanding units; moisture on the floor and uneven floors.  Unlike other systems, we use hang rails which are 2" wide for greater strength and stability, while creating a natural pathway for electrical wiring, pipes and tubing.